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Sunday, 19 March


Corruption is a real issue but how can we change things? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Corruption is a real issuePETER S KINJAP

LIKE in many societies around the world, corruption in Papua New Guinea has become necessary for the conduct of business.

In very many government departments, schools, hospitals and in the legal system corruption is the mode for easing the pathway for commerce.

Public institutions have become the domain of fat cows which the private domain is feeding and milking.

The feeders and milkers include politicians, pastors, community leaders, the educated elite and business people.

Without a bit of bribery or often a lot - progress in business is slow, or maybe doesnt happen at all. Like they say in gambling, youve got to be in it to win it.

In 2011, towards the end of the Somare regime, several politicians sought to tarnish the image of what they termed a crooked government and later forcefully took over that government while the grand chief was offshore for medical treatment.

Many media articles called this move a cold coup. It is a piece of history that the future will ponder and pronounce on.

In August 2011, the cold coup was the master stroke of Peter ONeill, Paias Wingti, Don Polye, Belden Namah, Sam Basil, Ben Micah and William Duma to name some of the main players. Many of those same names are now spanking Peter ONeill for what they see as his inadequate stance on corruption.

If Polye, Namah and Basil were serious about fighting corruption, they would have known who Peter ONeill was. But unfortunately, they didnt seem to, even though the saga of the National Provident Fund was before their eyes.

In a recent appearance before the PNG press club, Don Polye promised PNG that, if he gets the chance to form the next government after Junes election, he will reinstate the anti-corruption body, Task Force S...


Joppa, Maryland: Shut Down Neo-Nazi Music Fest at VFW Hall "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Joppa, Maryland: Shut Down Neo-Nazi Music Fest at VFW Hall appeared first on IT'S GOING DOWN.

At 5:30 PM on March 25, white nationalists from throughout the region will be assembling at the Joppatowne Memorial VFW Post 5838 at 501 Pulaski Highway for a St Patricks Day gathering.  The 11th annual event was recently announced on hate site and is being coordinated by Baltimore area far-right record label Label 56. In light of the recent election of Donald Trump and the subsequent emboldening of white nationalism, the potential for this event to draw large numbers of militant white supremacists to recruit, network, and organize is significant.

Jason Tankersley, left, of Maryland State Skinheads, Matthew Heimbach, middle, of Traditionalist Worker Party, and Steve Smith, right, or Keystone Skinheads/United.

Label 56 distributes racist skinhead music CDs, videos, and merchandise. An article from anti-fascist research group One Peoples Project indicates that Label 56 is the music outlet for a violent neo-Nazi gang called Maryland State Skinheads (MDS). MDS head Jason Tankersley, while more involved with their Mixed Martial Arts arm has some organizational input over Label 56 as well. A link for Label 56 appears on the homepages of several other Northeastern racist skinhead groups, including the Keystone State Skinheads, American Thule Society, and the Vinlanders Social Club. Maryland State Skinheads, Keystone United and Supreme White Alliance members are regular attendees.

The guestlist has also included Matthew Hei...


Worlds biggest indigenous peoples alliance to choose new leader today in Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

TANJUNG GUSTA, Indonesia Today marks the finale of the fifth congress of the Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN). In a grand caucus that happens only twice a decade, and brings together representatives of communities from Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, Papua and just about every other place in this vast archipelago, the organization will decide on a new leadership ideally through consensus, but perhaps through a vote if they cannot agree. The event could stretch late into the night. The most likely choices to replace Abdon Nababan as secretary general appear as of this afternoon to be one from among his deputies: Rukka Sombolinggi, daughter of one of AMANs founders; Mina Susana Setra, a Bornean Dayak, the alliances largest constituency; and Arifin Monang Saleh, whose father led a farmers movement right here in this part of North Sumatra. But AMANs national council has yet to publish a list of official candidates, and other names have been floated too. Some are even calling for Nababan to stay on, although he insists he is finished in the role. Depending on who emerges to lead AMAN, there is the possibility of a shift in stance for an organization whose initial approach to power was purely adversarial, but which under Nababan has moved closer to politics. Besides fielding candidates for political office and beginning to engage with a notoriously corrupt legal system, a Nababan specialty has been to cultivate ties with influential bureaucrats who can further the alliances agenda. But disappointment ran

Saturday, 18 March


The bilum an icon of PNG design, utility, fashion & identity "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


AS Papua New Guinea celebrated International Womens Day recently, my attention turned to the important role in our society of those skillfully netted strings bags known as bilums.

No-one knows when that twine was originally twisted and looped to obtain a robust string bag but we do know that its usefulness and beauty has extended forward in time to continue to be of significance even today.

The prominent British anthropological couple, Marilyn and Andrew Strathern, who spent years in the highlands of PNG, thought the bilum was a result of the practice of spirit worship as they observed women looping the string while singing ritual chants.

Bilum & baby (Joycelin Leahy)One article written about the bilum speculated that PNG women first started to weave them to relate to the womb; the bilum being the outside womb for a new-born baby. Its a thought that was picked up in in Tok Pisin in which the womb is described as bilum blo pikinini.

So who was that first woman to conceive the idea and start to teach other women the skills of looping string, often with intricate patterns, into these strong and useful artifacts?

Well never know; the origin of bilum making will remain a mystery known only to the past.

But still today, our Melanesian women loop and twist the strings rarely now veg...


Sir Mek highlights 6 challenges as he contemplates electoral future "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"


THE result of June's national election will determine the future of Papua New Guinea and it is important that voters are well informed about the issues that are critical to the nation through informed, open public debate.

It is also important to ensure that the conduct of the election itself is free and fair and that electoral systems and processes are transparent and subject to international and domestic public scrutiny.

The adoption of appropriate policies is the key to getting Papua New Guinea back on track, not grandiose schemes, vote-buying and sweet-talk.

The latter is what has brought the nation to its knees, coupled with unprecedented levels of corruption, waste and mismanagement.

I am concerned about the level of gutter politics exhibited in the election debate so far. There has been a tendency on the part of puppets of the current regime to engage in slanging matches and personal attacks.

Such self-preserving behaviour is counter-productive and clouds the real issues.

As I consider whether to nominate for election, I see six main issues that should be discussed widely and openly.

There are extraordinary levels of corruption, waste and mismanagement, which have brought Papua New Guinea to the brink and into international disrepute

There are grave threats to parliamentary democracy, human rights, freedom of speech and freedom of association. The election itself is under threat from the Governments stranglehold over the institutions that influence election outcomes

Unprecedented economic and financial mismanagement, which are shaking the foundations of the nation. If allowed to continue, the task of rescuing and restoring the economy and public finances will be extremely difficult



Win or lose, parliamentary training created strong bonds "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Veronica Weiang (Graham Robinson Piksa PNG)DAVID EPHRAIM

VERONICA Weiang is quietly optimistic of her chances in the upcoming national elections after attending week long Practice Parliament for women conducted by UNDP, the National Parliament and the Office of Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates.

Veronica was among 50 women selected from more than 200 applicants who applied to be trained in parliamentary process, the norms of governance and political debate and policy decisions.

The training was conducted at the Gateway Hotel which ended with a mock parliament broadcast live on FM100 Radio.

Veronica said attending the training has provided her the opportunity to bond with many other Papua New Guinean women leaders from around the country and to create a lasting network of friendship.

Veronica Weiang receives her certificate from Hon John Simon (David Ephraim)She believes that, regardless of the election results, the bond created at this meeting can be fostered to stir new opportunities and progress womens political voice in PNG.

Veronica acted as the opposition leader during the mock session of parliament and, leading her team in Questions on Notice, highlighted issues of shortage of critical medical supplies in the country and the Manus central processing centre.



Indonesias indigenous peoples will have to keep waiting for a promised task force on their rights "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

TANJUNG GUSTA, Indonesia Presidential Chief of Staff Teten Masduki was the object of a forceful gesture yesterday when a Papuan man approached the stage on which he was sitting during a rare indigenous peoples congress now underway in this Sumatran village. Here are eight arrows in eight months, a law on our rights should be passed, Alex Sanggenafa declared in front of Masduki. Let us make a covenant! Masduki took the arrows. They were meant for his boss, Joko Widodo.  "Send them as a greeting to Mr. President," Sanggenafa told him. [caption id="attachment_194178" align="aligncenter" width="768"] Alex Sanggenafa, left, approaches Teten Masduki during a dialogue session at the fifth congress of the Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago. Sandra Moniaga of the National Commission on Human Rights looks on. Photo courtesy of AMAN[/caption] The exchange alluded to the hope Indonesias indigenous have placed in Jokowi, as he is popularly known, and to their growing impatience as they wait for him to follow through on his campaign pledges. This week the relationship was further strained when Jokowi canceled his appearance at the congress, held once every five years by the Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN). He had been expected to deliver a major policy pronouncement: the creation, perhaps, of a promised task force to coordinate the administration's work on indigenous rights. I dont know if you have it, madame, AMAN secretary general Abdon Nababan said in his opening speech at yesterday's event. He was addressing Jokowis stand-in, forestry minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar.


Air Niugini staff awarded sholarship "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Two Air Niugini staff are among eight other Papua New Guineans who have been awarded scholarship by PNG Human Resource Institute (PNGHRI) through the Brunel Masters Skilim Laif Scholarship.

They were selected to do a two year Masters Degree program in Human Resource Management at the University of Papua New Guinea.

Ms Ritchilyn Barrios who currently works as Manager, Human Resource- Administration and Mr Kilembe Neimani Team Leader Industrial Relations are grateful for the opportunity.

They said although they had their own plans to enhance their skills and knowledge through further studies, this opportunity was more than what they had expected.

Ms Barrios said I am honored to be nominated by Air Niugini management for this scholarship. The Company has recognized my efforts in a way, I have never imagined. I know its tough juggling work and studies but I look forward to the challenges of completing my studies and contributing to ANGs HR development.

With the new skills and knowledge acquired, I plan to focus on strategic human resource management practice in Air Niugin including aligning the airline HR policies and code of conduct to ensure effective and timely customer service to our stake holders, staff and the Company, Neimani said.

PNGHRI Executive Officer, Francis Danny said the Brunel Masters Skilim Laif Scholarship program was developed through a strategic partnership with Brunel International to contribute to human capital development in PNG by providing scholarship for Masters Degree in HRM through UPNG and coordinated by PNGHRI within its network.

He said the scholarship costs K75,000 each for employees for the two years Masters in HRM Program and covers the full school fees, fortnightly allowances, super and relevant continued professional courses offered by PNGHRI.

A total of 20 Papua New Guineans have been awarded this scholarship since it commenced last year.

Air Niugini Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Simon Foo said Barrios and Neimani are part of the upcoming Emerging Leaders program in ANG, hence they were selected as they are seen to have the potential to excel in their career.

He acknowledged the President of PNGHRI, Jerry Wemin and his executives for the opportunity provided to ANG staff.

PNGHRI provides a good platform and information base for the HR profession in PNG. We are thankful for its su...


Pakistan: Government tries to silence media with threats pf blasphemy which is punishable by death in Pakistan They should be scared. "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Associated Press

ISLAMABAD (AP) Ahmad Waqas Goraya couldnt see anything through the black hood, but he could hear the screams.

A Pakistani blogger with a penchant for criticizing Pakistans powerful military and taking the government to task, Goraya was kidnapped in January along with four other bloggers.

I could hear the screams of torture, he said, struggling for words as the memories flooded back. I dont even want to think about what they did.

But that wasnt the worst of it, he said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. More terrifying was the accusation of blasphemy __ punishable by death in Pakistan __ hurled at him and his fellow bloggers. They were held in what Goraya called a black site on the edge of Lahore that some say is run by Pakistans powerful intelligence agency.

Analysts and social media monitors say the blasphemy law is a powerful tool to silence critics. Some say it is being used by extremists to silence moderates at a time when Pakistanis are increasingly speaking out against violence and extremism, and voicing support for a government crackdown on Islamic militants.

In Pakistan, even the suggestion of blasphemy can be tantamount to a death sentence. It has incited extremists to take the law into their own hands and kill alleged perpetrators, often forcing people to flee the country, as Goraya and the other bloggers have.

Pakistans government heightened concerns earlier this week when it said it had asked Facebook and Twitter to ferret out Pakistanis posting religiously offensive material, promising to seek their extradition if they are out of the country and prosecute them on blasphemy charges if they are in Pakistan.

In one high-profile case six years ago, Punjab Gov. Salman Taseer was gunned down by one of his guards, who accused him of blasphemy because he criticized the law and defended a Christian woman sentenced to death for allegedly insulting Islams Prophet Muhammad.

Image may contain: 3 people, beard, closeup and outdoor

Mumtaz Qadri, the killer of Salman Taseer. Reuters photo

Right now they have made sure I cannot come back to Pakistan by introducing blasphemy charges, Goraya said.

The lawyer who is arguing the case against the bloggers, Tariq Asad, has openly called for their deaths, while praising outlawed Sunni militant groups who want the countrys minority Shiites declared non-Muslims....


How Complaining Rewires Your Brain For Negativity (And How To Break The Habit) "IndyWatch Feed World"

We Are Change

Spending today complaining about yesterday wont make tomorrow any better. ~Unknown

Article via Tiny Buddha by Annie Wood

When I was about sixteen or so, one of my parents friends got into some trouble with the law. When wed visit him hed often shake his head from side to side and mumble, my life is in the toilet.

He said it many times, for many years, even when things seemed to have gotten better for him.

My life is in the toilet was his mantra.

At the time I thought it was funny, so I adopted it for myself, until one day I started to believe it. Ive since dumped that charming phrase and gotten a new mantra.

Things havent magically become ideal for me since I did that. I mean, theres this pinched nerve in my neck and those construction sounds across the street, and I could really use some more work, and

Type of Drains

Everyone complains, at some point, at least a little, says Robin Kowalski, PhD, a professor of psychology at Clemson University.

There are different types of complainers, according to Kowalski, such as The Venter. The Venter is a dissatisfied person who doesnt want to hear solutions, however brilliant.

Venting. Were just letting off steam, right? Maybe not. Ive personally found that the complain drain can be soul draining, not just for the complainer, but for all within earshot.

Other types you may have met along the way (or may be yourself) are the Sympathy Seekers, the I got it worse than you do, and the habitual everything sucks folks.

The Chronic Complainers, those living in a state of complaint, do something researchers call ruminating. This basically means thinking and complaining about a problem again and again. Instead of feeling a release after complaining, this sort of complaining can actually make things worse. It can cause even more worry and anxiety.

No one is suggesting you be a peachy-keen-Josephine and pretend all is swell when it isnt. What Ive learned in my mindfulness practice is to aim to do the opposite.

In mindfulness meditation, we try to experience fully the truth of the situation, in this exact mom...


Cuts in military spending heralds Russia's plans for European invasion! "IndyWatch Feed World"

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the world has enjoyed an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity. Long gone are the days of wasteful military expenditures and no-bid contracts to build airplanes and aircraft carriers that neither fly nor float. The permanent wartime economy that was never dismantled after World War II is ancient history. There is simply no longer any justification for spending many gazillions of dollars each year on Raytheon space lasers. In the United States, jet fighter factories now manufacture lawn mowers and Segways. We are living in good times. Sensible times. But all that we've accomplished over the last 25-odd years is now being threatened by one man. From Baltimore to Baghdad, people cry out: "who will stop Vladimir Putin from conquering the world?" Yes, Russia's czar has imperial ambitions global ambitions. He wants war. He needs war.


Jeff Sessions comes to Richmond, VA: Post Rally Report Back "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Jeff Sessions comes to Richmond, VA: Post Rally Report Back appeared first on IT'S GOING DOWN.

I heard word around the city that Jeff Sessions was planning a meeting to discuss gun violence among local law enforcement on March 15th, in Richmond, VA. After only knowing he was visiting two days before said event, it didnt give me much time to get ready and contact my comrades from DC/Baltimore, so I knew this was going to be a solo journey.

Upon arriving to the event around 9 AM at the SunTrust building, there were students asking people to sign papers for the upcoming governor primaries in June. I had no interest in signing any of said papers for anonymity purposes and because it is pointless. Most of the people there, whom of which seemed to be old timer liberals and other bougies werent too fond of some of the chanting that had expletives in them.

I had brought my anarchist red and black flag with me which brought quite a bit of attention and curiosity. I heard one guy say, Oh, that flag represents libertarian communism. I cringed so hard when that was said. I had one elderly lady asked me what the flag represented, but after giving my explanation, she seemed disgusted and walked away without saying anything after I finished educating her. In all honesty, most of the liberals that I had spoken to seemed very distant from the idea of anarchism. I always try educate and radicalize while at events such as this one; However, a lot of these people seemed too afraid and in a shell to even listen to what I had to say.

One positive note; Towards the end of the rally, I had one comrade approach me. She seemed to had been the only other one there besides myself. We stuck together for the last forty five minutes of the rally before departing ways.

All and all, I was quite disappointed with the turnout. I mean, its great all of us came together to protest the subhuman filth known as, Jeff Sessions, but I would have loved to seen more comrades in attendance. I hope to see more black and red at upcoming events in the Richmond area.

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PNG PM O'Neill calls on the Island Nations around the World to Work Together to Protect Marine Resources "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea,  Peter ONeill has called on Island Nations around the world to  come together for global action to protect their communities from marine damage.

Prime Minister ONeill made the comments in Suva, Fiji, where he attended the Pacific Regional Preparatory High-Level Meeting for the United Nations Conference on Oceans on March 16-17.
PM ONeill said island nations have valid marine resources concerns that must be taken up by the global community.
Island Nations might be small in terms of geography, but we are many in number, and together we can bring about global change on issues harming our communities, the Prime Minister said.
We are not only the Pacific Island nations, but island nations and communities from oceans and seas right around the world.

Pollution, illegal fishing and climate change destroys ecosystems in island nation maritime areas.
We did not cause these problems, but these problems cause damage to our communities today and into the future.
This meeting in Suva is all about building consensus and establishing a way forward to bring the global community with us to prevent our marine resources being destroyed.
Following earlier meetings with United Nations representatives and partner Pacific Island nations, Leaders attended the High-Level meeting today to finalise the actions to move forward ahead of the UN Conference of Oceans in June.

All countries, including our own, have a role to play in managing our own waterways, as well as the pollutants that flow to the worlds oceans.
Papua New Guineas Vision 2050 is a National Development Roadmap further underscores environmental protection as an important pillar.
Selected areas are being considered as Marine Protected Areas so that nature can replenish marine resources.
Papua New Guinea already has in place the Strategy for Responsible Sustainable Development, STARs, which addresses the integration of the global 2030 Agenda.
This includes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 incorporated into the national planning process.
SDG 14 is intended to conserve and manage the sustainability of the worlds oceans, seas and marine resources so as to ensure sustainable development.
This is in its early phase and will ensure marine life sustainability and bio-diversity for decades to come.
But ultimately, there is only so much individua...

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